China's hardware industry trend status
2013-8-15 11:03:59

Along with social progress and technological development, hardware in industry, agriculture and people's lives more and more widely applied in various fields, but also to the community to create more and more value. According to Luo Baihui industry experts, China's hardware products include machinery, hardware, decoration hardware, daily hardware, architectural hardware, tools, hardware, small appliances, etc. more than 10,000 varieties, initially formed a power tool, stainless steel, copper and aluminum processing, security doors , scales, scooters and other special industries.
    China is a highly national macro-control, in order to achieve development, we must follow the direction of national policy. Experts believe that the "Twelve Five" period on companies in the hardware industry to play their natural advantages and social advantages, to determine their competitiveness in the market, in the multitude of strong Chinese hardware industry invincible, which is the majority of the hardware business development direction and goal location, but also the effective operation of the socialist market economy, a necessary prerequisite and objective basis. Hardware companies to participate in market activities, competition in the market to gain the initiative, must be based on the status of marketing environment, trends and their own subjective and objective conditions, scientific and reasonable development of enterprise development strategies and efforts to target. Luo Baihui that: "Twelve Five" period of China's economic and social development of important strategic opportunities, but also China's economic development stage, from mid to late industrialization critical period of transition, due to the external environment, reform, industrialization, information technology and urbanization factors, China's hardware industry will show a lot of the "Eleventh Five-Year" period different new features, new trends.

    For a long time, Chinese enterprises, especially hardware companies without their own brand and technology, mostly to the "human factory," the image appears on top of the world trade arena. With the increasing levels of the economy, they can already see that this model more and more obvious constraints on economic development.
    Chinese hardware companies in order to get development, we must have their own independent technology creators must be changed by the manufacturer to be a breakthrough innovation, firmly establish the quality is the life of this development philosophy, and strengthen integrity and sense of responsibility, improve product competitiveness, enabling fine to enter the domestic market at competitive prices, enhance corporate image and status.

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