About how to install hydraulic hinge
2013-8-15 11:12:33

Hinge mounting
Three different hinge installation:
Full cover (ELBOW): All door cabinet side cover, there is a gap between the two, so that the doors can be opened smoothly.
Half cover (in bending): In this case, the two share a side door. Between them have a minimum clearance required. Each door corresponding to the distance covered reduced, the need for flexible hinge hinge arm.
Built-in (Big Bend): In this case, the door is located inside the cabinet side panels next. It also requires a gap so that the door can be opened smoothly. Requires the use of the hinge arm of the hinge is bent.

How to install hydraulic hinges, hinge points below describes installation tips:

1, the entire lid (straight curved arm)
All cover plates cabinet door, there is a gap between the two, so that the door can be safely opened. Arm (0 mm)
2, half cover (in corners song)
In this case, the two share a side door. Among them there is a required minimum total clearance. Each door covering a distance corresponding reduction in, the need for flexible hinge hinge arm. The song (9.5 mm)
3, built-in (Big Bend embedded)
In this case, the door is in the cabinet, the cabinet side panels adjacent. It also requires a gap, so that the door can be safely opened. Requires the use of the hinge arm of the hinge is bent. Okuma (16 mm)

Installation Tips:
1, the minimum clearance
Minimum gap that opens the door when the door side of the minimum distance required. Minimum clearance distance from C, and the hinge type door thickness determined. When the door is rounded, the minimum clearance reduced accordingly. Minimum clearance required from each different hinge correspondence table lookup.
2, the minimum clearance half door
When the two share a side door when the total required clearance should be twice the minimum gap so that both doors can be opened simultaneously.
3, C from
C refers to the door and the hinge cup from the edge of the distance between the holes. Each hinge maximum available C size due to different hinge models and different. C The greater the distance, the smaller the minimum clearance.
4, the door covering the distance
Refers to the distance covered door side door covering the distance.
5, the gap
Means the entire gap with the cover, the door from the outside edge of the cabinet; the half with the cover, the distance between the two doors; including the case of the side door, the door edge gap refers to the inner edge side cabinet distance.
6, each door hinge required number
   Width of the door, the door height and material quality door hinge of each door number required determinants. In practice, various factors appear as different circumstances and different. So the figure above the number specified in the hinge only as a reference. In cases is unknown, it is recommended to do a test. For the viewpoint of stability, the distance between the hinge should be as large a number.

Understanding of the above knowledge, I believe it to be helpful. For more product information, please pay attention to corporate website, click on this benefit directly into hinge CK brand products

Purpose: This buffering hydraulic hinge for wardrobes, bookcases, cabinets, TV cabinets, cabinets, wine cabinets, lockers, bathroom cabinets and other furniture, doors connection.
Pros: soft silent feeling makes home feel more warm and comfortable, nearly two decades of production processes tempered out hinge hydraulic hinge products work fine, compact, with durable stainless steel body hydraulic cylinders and accessories have been more and more Domestic favorite people. It relies on a new technology to adapt to the speed of door closure, the product through hydraulic cushioning technology, the door 60 ° begun to slowly shut down to reduce the impact force, formed off the comfort effect, even forced to close will be gently closed, ensure perfect movement, soft tranquility. Buffering hinge assembly to make furniture more upscale, to reduce the impact and effect of the formation of closed comfort, but also to ensure that even during prolonged use, it is also no need for maintenance.

Hydraulic Hinge Features
1: Suitable for all kinds of office cabinets, home wardrobes, cabinets and other high-end furniture.
2: The pneumatic cushion principle, eliminate noise and folders in hand and other undesirable phenomena.
3: The door is open, people just gently push the door in a few seconds will turn itself off. Opening angle of 95/105 degrees
4: Optional door thickness :14-21 mm between
5: choose from three installation methods
6: 100,000 times life detection test. Air hydraulic damping hinge - door closed - soft and smooth

Hydraulic Hinge Product Description
   Damping hydraulic damping hinge using a new advanced hydraulic cushioning technology, the door closed on their own slow off, to reduce the impact, forming off the comfort effect, avoid the traditional hinge when closed generated harsh voice, real do exclude noise. Meet people comfortable urban environment and modern lifestyle. Is ideal for all kinds of office cabinets, home wardrobes, cabinets and bathroom doors and other high-end furniture of choice.
   This new use of small hydraulic rod hinge pin (energy storage liquid damping valve) and the hinge combine to form the gas hydraulic cob (energy storage liquid damping valve) can be retractable principle, to make the hinge opening and closing. When the hand to push the door open 40-50 point, the door will automatically close slowly, with good crash, mute function.

Hydraulic Hinge series, opening and closing comfortable. Easy installation and accurate. Enough material hardness, load capacity, standard type having a plurality of hinge holes can be adjusted to provide accurate safety cabinets modern interior design, in addition to storage purposes, there is a strong decorative, so there will be the same space different styles of cabinets, Gaoyao this benefit Hinge Factory products with the rhythm of the times, the introduction of a variety of different styles of products to meet different usage. Products in the door opening and closing angle of door sizes, different door fan installation, opening and closing of styles, which can be the ideal choice.

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