JINDELI Gas spring Usage & purchase choice
2014-1-10 11:31:25
JINDELI Gas spring Usage & purchase choice

Air support is actually one layman, we are in the habit of industry called rod, gas springs, and gas stays only rely on his own functions and structures are commonly known as other professions, many manufacturers install on his staff do not understand the way One advantage of the gas spring is simple to install,
1 gas spring piston rod must be installed in the down position, can not flip, so you can reduce friction and ensure the best quality and buffer damping performance.
2 pivot mounting location decision is the correct gas spring can be guaranteed to work, the gas spring must be installed with the correct method, that is, when closed, let it move past the centerline of the structure, otherwise the gas spring will often automatically open the door.
3 gas spring force should not be tilted or horizontal force is applied in the workplace. Handrails shall not be used.
(4) To ensure the reliability of the seal shall not destroy the rod surface, is strictly prohibited chemicals such as paint and coating on the piston rod. The gas springs are not allowed to install the desired location in the spray paint. 5 high-pressure gas spring products, non-random analysis, broiled, smashing hit.
6 non-rotating piston rod gas springs left. If you need to adjust the fitting direction, only to turn right.
7 Ambient temperature: -35 ℃ - +70 ℃. (Specific manufacturing 80 ℃)
8 Install the connection point should be flexible rotation, not jamming phenomenon.
9 Select the size to be reasonable, the size of the force to the right, to leave the rod stroke size 8 mm margin.


Bar. Gas spring (gas spring) is a way to play a supportive, cushioning, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment functions such as accessories. Currently, the products in the fields of medical devices, automotive, furniture, textile equipment, processing industries have been widely used. Depending on the characteristics and applications, also known as gas spring strut, recliners, pressure bar, dampers, etc. The basic principles of the gas spring is in the closed cavity pressure inert gas and oil, or the oil and gas mixture .

The difference between good and bad points cabinet gas spring tips

The whole cabinet industry from Western countries to China have more than ten years, is also present in our country there are many cabinet manufacturers, a variety of whole cabinet cabinet manufacturers from all over the country were introduced in the new home market everyday products in exchange samples can be described as their highlights, structure, color, style, etc. is endless, the price from a few thousand to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands a month, which makes consumers get confused when choosing touched mind, often spent a considerable price to the final product or the various problems, and eventually bought a lesson.

Here, I offer some knowledge about the whole cabinet hardware accessories of the more critical aspects of the quality of air support, so that more consumers can recognize the mysteries of the life of a small hardware accessories. Are the following:

1, cabinet air support of life, that is, the number of round-trip compression, (a stretch - as a reciprocating compression). When consumers go to buy, shopping guide staff will say they sell cabinets compressed air can hold 100,000 times, 80,000 inferior. Person may operate air support areas are aware, the current domestic gas market support can only reach 1 to 20,000 times a month, the number of imported air support will reach about 50,000 times. On life better or choose foreign brands, such as SUSPA, JINDELI HARDWARE,CK gas springs,STABILUS, HAFELE, HARN these professionals do air support brand. So when buying cabinets may require manufacturers supporting the brand more air support, price and more than made only 20-30 yuan range, we believe that this is not what consumers can install at home until really they will find that it's good, so-called proof of the pudding is.

2, air support cylinder paint color, smoothness this end, when the poor quality of the air like some support manufacturers making these little problems will be ignored. Professional air support manufacturers will pay attention to every detail of the product, so when the selection can be a little more attention.

3, air support if there is gas bar crater surface phenomenon, because of the emergence of the crater, scratches problem when in use will damage the seals inside the cylinder, so that air support after a period of time will cause gas leaks support No pressure is not used.

4, one end of the metal cylinder air support lugs welded extent, appearance and smoothness of the paint, because the lug is an important link connecting the cabinet door, and it also plays a key position in the apparent gravity load position, so we consumers the selection of air support should focus on this aspect when.

I hope these few tips to friends, the majority of consumers in the purchase of the whole cabinet's helpful if you have experience in other areas please post come to share, common share, explore.



Understanding of the above knowledge, I believe it to be helpful. For more product information, please pay attention to corporate website, click on this benefit directly into  CK  gas springs

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