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Level of development of furniture hardware accessories , furniture hardware accessories an ordinary can replace imported hardware accessories , but the functionality of high -tech parts yet to be developed , the future of the furniture hardware industry will have a new change and upgrades:
1 , to develop new products
With the social development , domestic and foreign customers for furniture products put forward higher requirements , style and customer requests most likely not have a matching furniture hardware. In order to meet customer requirements , the need to work together pieces of furniture hardware furniture company involved in the development of new products . Furniture manufacturers and furniture hardware manufacturers work together to take full advantage of both design and technology, equipment , and form a new format, new furniture and furniture hardware synchronous design , synchronous manufacturing, joint commissioning, make the most of social resources good configuration.
Modern information technology also for joint development of new furniture hardware provides information exchange, technical coordination platform , modern digital technology also offers fast and precise manufacture of technical support . To develop not only meet the special needs of the company but also for furniture, furniture hardware companies to increase product variety , improve product quality , the company makes furniture and furniture hardware company win. In the current social context, furniture manufacturers and furniture manufacturers is particularly important pieces of the company's cooperation , through joint development , so that the design and development of both staff collaborate with each other to become a Commonwealth, complementary advantages of remaining places can be stronger to face the market .
2 , fusion of form and function
Furniture hardware and decorative hardware functions into hardware into two categories. Many furniture hardware manufacturer invisibly separated the two , decorative hardware does not focus on feature development , lack of functional studied decorative hardware development, disconnect occurs between the two. With sliding door fittings , for example, over the years the function, structure in the ever-improving , but do not pay attention to their decorative unity , although many products useful, but it looks like a total dislike. In recent years, with the improvement of the level of innovative design , there are many pieces of furniture hardware designers attention to industrial design to examine the concept of furniture hardware, furniture hardware to make the appearance and functionality of the better pieces of furniture hardware integration is the trend of the development of .
3 , user-friendly design
Improved quality of life , quality of life in every detail will also attract attention. Furniture hardware that best reflects the quality of life in detail. Cabinet doors opening and closing , opening and closing drawers ...... . Outstanding furniture hardware, to reflect the people-oriented principle of humanity in these everyday actions. Security , energy, silent , comfortable and so the concept of humanity will be further integration into the development of furniture hardware designs. This is the inevitable requirement of social development.
4 , the use of high-tech
Over the years as a supporting role only furniture hardware furniture industry did not get enough attention , resulting in a large gap between us , there are still pieces of furniture hardware functionality and foreign products. How to improve the versatility, interchangeability , to promote people-oriented , pay attention to safe, convenient , environmentally friendly , efficient , make our products perfect and so these problems, we also need to constantly strive to develop , progress . Analysis of foreign products can be found in foreign furniture hardware are integrated into the new technologies, new processes, new materials . To raise the level of our furniture hardware , only to accelerate the use of high-tech industry . Now the country has put furniture hardware universities as research focused on the function and appearance of the development . The rapid development of the furniture industry and the huge market demand , the use of high-tech furniture hardware will certainly continue to come out . We hope and believe that in the near future , China's furniture hardware manufacturer can provide furniture manufacturers lower prices , better , more convenient installation of hardware accessories, furniture manufacturers to improve efficiency and reduce costs .
5 , business model innovation
With the development and progress of China's industrial technology , furniture, hand made ​​from the previous workshops, to today's mechanized production. Hardware for versatility, interchangeability , functional , decorative have higher requirements . Diversification of the substrate, increasing the structural reforms and the use of the function , the role of furniture hardware on the furniture and decor are no longer just part of the activities connected component , its functionality is growing, more and more widely involved in the field . Luo Baihui analysis, for furniture manufacturing enterprises, increase productivity, reduce costs, improve product quality, enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets , create efficiency is particularly important.
Custom Merchandise from general merchandise to transition closer to customers, creating value-added products and services
In the furniture hardware industry, the lack of connection between many furniture hardware manufacturers and end customers , too much is dependent on the retailer to obtain customer needs and expectations of information . Furniture Hardware Manufacturing must learn how to be close to the end customer , and how to provide products for them and ensure their own profits. This requires the ability to have better marketing , better sales network , lean production and flexible manufacturing capabilities, real-time supply chain operational capabilities , supply chain management , innovative thinking and leadership skills , better education and staff training, etc. , in short, is a new business model.
From the manufacturing side, the factory must be automated as much as possible , to maximize productivity, improve labor productivity. Therefore, you may want to adopt new technologies and lean manufacturing (leanmanufacturing) to reduce costs ; same time, to increase investment in research, development and education and training of workers , new products, in order to cultivate the workers with special skills, create senior product , sell a good price . If we continue to produce ordinary commodity products, to provide a low- level service , then we will continue to lose market surrendering cheap labor and richer areas .
6 , the establishment of the center or gather relevant competitive advantage
According to Michael Porter defined in the " competition " theory , the gathering is the closest geographically interrelated group of companies, with collaborative institutions in a particular field , linked by common interests and complementary, through the supply chain development strategic partners, each link of the supply chain work together to make the most effective integration of resources utilization.
With the prosperity of the furniture industry , furniture hardware industry will be more perfect new areas into the development of new high-tech products , to meet the people's material needs high quality of life and enjoyment .


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