Year-end Thanksgiving feedback   Naked price struck 
2015-12-30 14:47:58

   2015 will soon be over, thanks to the old customer support for the factory, we introduced Thanksgiving feedback activities, the end of special promotions and limit buy,Miss in wait for a year ,to buy as soon as possible. 

  ▼supercapacitors year-end Thanksgiving feedback enjoy year-end copy price beyond your imagination▼




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Bounce device 1.3 yuan /singleton



main material: plastic rubber iron

surface treatment: grey

specifications: head product

Product features: ABS material, bold spring strong magnetic rebound without hindrance, easy to install, increase the degree of cabinet door appearance.

Sales: lifetime warranty


Pure cold rolled steel hydraulic hinge 1.6  yuan /singleton


surface treatment: nickel

material: cold rolled steel plate opening angle of 105 degrees

of hinge cup diameter: 35mm

door C distance: 3-7mm

applicable panel thickness: optional 14-21mm

hinge cup mounting hole distance: (45,48,52) mm

hinge thickness: 1.0mm

by salt spray test for more than 72 hours by more than 100000 times opening and closing test of after

sales :quality lifetime warranty



Cabinet air support 2.2 yuan/a piece of



Main material: zinc alloy iron plastic

surface treatment: silver gray

the scopeof silver: display double wooden door and aluminum frame door

Product features: imports of seal production, use the advanced spray technology, non-toxic environmental protection, effectively prevent corrosion and rusting, lifting specifications 50N, 60N, 80N, 100N and 120N, 150n, gas support efforts to bear can buy door weight based on custom or by 10 million test?

Product length: 260mm

sales: quality of life quality

Activity time: 2015-12-30-2015-12-31

   End of the impulse does not seek profits just sales, Chances are not every day when the hand on the shot. To purchase as soon as possible,Welcome new and old customers to consult a letter. 

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